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We’re here to unlock growth, elevating your business with intelligent bookkeeping solutions tailored to your success story

Our Goal

Hand back your time and money

Our bookkeeping business is dedicated to one clear goal: giving back time and money to business owners. We meticulously manage financial records, streamline processes, and provide valuable insights, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most – growing their businesses – while saving both time and money.

We revolutionize financial management with QuickBooks, providing personalized solutions to streamline business finances. Our expertise empowers business owners to optimize resources effortlessly.

We redefine financial planning using specialized strategies, leveraging multiple smart technologies to help business owners achieve their goals, ensuring a clear path to financial success.

Reframe your business' future

At Funk Financial Services, we empower businesses to rewrite their financial futures through expert bookkeeping, guiding them towards lasting success.


We are helping clients build stronger and more sustainable financial services.

Our clients are the best in the world.  We’re grateful to work with them to improve their business’s efficiency and profitability!

Tom Harness Google

Chelsea has been amazing to work with. When I transitioned my business from a brick and mortar to a virtual setup, she made the transition easy and smooth. Communication is great and she has kept me on task and the business financially accountable. Highly recommend working with her, especially if you are a small business.

Chelsea Greer Google

I recently hired Chelsea to “clean up” the bookkeeping mistakes I unknowingly had made (like every new business owner). Every conversation we have begins with me facepalming myself over things I accidentally messed up, and ends with a major sigh of relief that Chelsea has my back and is taking care of it. I truly can’t recommend Chelsea enough!